Thursday, 15 January 2015

New Year same longing....

January 01, Dedicated to the Mother of God
5 x 6 acrylic on board
metal frame
for sale
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I was reading  my last January's journal entries, notes from Fr. Ron Rolheiser's book "The Holy Longing".  Fr. Ron writes that we find ourselves in a culture of  unbridled restlessness, greed  for experience. and an excessive focus on work = staying very, very busy.
Pause, gaze on this Icon of the Mother. She is holding a napkin because she is a working Mother, she understands business.
The Child is holding a book, the Word, that answers the question 'which way to go?'
 Fr. Ron writes that our dark night of spirituality is very much shaped by the tension between distracted mind and silent mind.
How to remember God with us?   I am offering the Art of the Beautiful Mother, an image to gaze upon, light a candle before and sooth your Holy longing.

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