Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Tradition unique to Northern New Mexico

When I lived in the American Southwest I was immersed in the religious art and traditions of my Hispanic neighbors. I traveled into Northern New Mexico and in Santa Fe I visited the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art . On view are hundreds of retablos, images of saints/ santos painted on pine. I purchased the book: A Land So Remote, Vol 1, Religious Art of New Mexico 1780-1907. Larry Frank.  Each chapter introduces you to a Santero, or saint maker. This painting of San Miguel/ Saint Michael the Archangel is an interpretation of an Antonio Molleno, a santero who painted from 1800-1830s.  I am not painting on wood, I used Kozo, handmade Japanese paper, and the mat is covered in Chiyogami, the silk screened Japanese paper.

Archangel Michael/ San Miguel slaying the dragon
4 x 6
Acrylic on Kozo, framed in Chiyogami
SOLD, photos available for framing

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