Friday, 12 July 2013

Art to welcome blessings

When I traveled through the State of Bihar in India I was introduced to the Folk Art Paintings  known as Madhubani,

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I was told that traditionally women painted these images in the early morning to welcome the blessings, the visitation of God. They would decorate front entrances or the ground near the home. Today they are painted on paper and sold as distinct art pieces. There is not an empty space on these canvases. 
The colors, the handwork, the design flowing out of the Indian imagination continues to inspire me. I have an extensive collection of old  Indian sari's, some that are torn, but perfect for painting on. 

This piece offered me the perfect inspiration for this Madonna and Child sharing the dove of peace. And like the tradition of Madhubani art, there is not an empty space on the canvas.

A Blessing of Peace
8 x 12
Acrylic on Indian Silk Sari

Photocards available

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