Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Patron Saints

It could be my Irish ancestors, my Irish DNA but I love the Catholic tradition of having a patron saint for any occasion. Along side your guardian angel, why not ask any of the saints for the grace of great things. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, one of the many delightful discoveries in my travels is the culture and traditions of New Mexico. This 'San Antonio', Saint Anthony, is interpreted from the santero painter Antonio Molleno, works from 1800-1830. Perhaps it is the triumph of 'charm' over 'perfection' that draws me into this style of painting. It reminds me of my time spent with young children, reading the parable of The Good Shepherd together,( see the Gospel of John, chapter 10 ff), and then seeing the expression of the child's joy in their art work. Here too there is no stress to draw a face perfectly, what is common is huge joy shown by mouths that are proportionally exaggerated, hearts like tattoos and always huge hands. 

San Antonio/ St. Anthony holding Christ Child
5 x 6
acrylic on wood

St. Francis, St. Patrick, St. Jude and St. Anthony
5 x 6 wood blocks
A Shrine I made to display my Patron Saints collection 

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