Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Encaustic and Image tranfers

I do alot of image transfers using acrylic gel medium. The difference with the encaustic beeswax is you are able to adjust the image because the ink is attached to wax, so the heat gun can distort the image, move colored wax across the picture. Also you can carve into it and get a woodcut look. I have not even begun to explore the possibilities..............
You can carve into wax and get a woodcut look

Here I dipped wire screen in colors
 and then placed it on waxed canvas surface
. Next day I pulled screen off to get this fabulous texture.
Then a small image transfer, discovering that some paper left on leaves great texture

Laying the first wax medium down on encaustic gesso,
I did not apply the wax evenly. So I got a very broken, aged?
transfer of lilies. Then I transfered three Madonnas, repeating image,
two B&W, one colored. I tinted second Madonna and carved into her mantle

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