Tuesday, 20 August 2013

the Day of Encaustic Collage

As this week long course was called Encaustic and Mixed Media our next demo was the collage method. The images have to be photocopies not glossy magazine or book pictures. The bees wax has to bond with oil based image. But lace, doilies, non polyester fabrics and handmade papers work very well.  I used a lot of tissues and papers from the Japanese Paper Place. You dip the paper, lace, image into the clear beeswax/damar crystal medium, then you lay it on a surface that has been primed with the same medium. Here are some of my 'day of collage' pictures.

Papers,lace,fabrics, layers upon layers of the wax medium
Here I had a lace dollie around Our
Lady's mantle, then I took it off
and all this imprint of bees wax showed up

Lace, papers,string, it's endless creativity

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