Thursday, 22 August 2013

Impasto Modeling Wax

Second last day and we are introduced to Impasto Modeling wax. This is the medium for sculpture. Working with plaster cloth then covering that form with this medium, then coloring, adding feathers, beads,papers, fabric, oh my gosh......... It is softer than encaustic medium and carves easily. I tried an image transfer onto surface but it did not work for me. But I did have success in building a Shrine and that was a blessing.

New medium introduced
Impasto modeling wax

I built up a thick  form on gessoed board and carved into it
I tried to transfer onto surface but was not successful
but its great for embedding , collage

Then I dipped lace into medium and wrapped the edge of a shadow box

et voila another Shrine
I can go back into this with the heat gun and change it at anytime

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