Monday, 19 August 2013

Working with Beeswax

Thank you Susan Fisher for a great week of Encaustic at the Haliburton School of the Arts.
On this post I start with a picture of 'the station' we each had, to work in this medium. That hot palette costs $350.00, so I need to sell some paintings if I go to set up and then you need to purchase the pigments set in beeswax, no acrylics in this process. You can use oil sticks as the oil mixes with the beeswax.
The skill to paint with the warm brush is another learning curve. 
The station we each had to work at.
the brushes need to stay warm,
 the heat gun fuses the wax pigments
lots of possibilities as the color floats

first run, getting the feel of the pigment loaded brush
2nd piece, I treated this like I do acrylic, layers of color, glazing, then carving into the wax

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