Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Pardon at a shrine in Assisi

Madonna of The Annunciation
9 x 12
 On the plains below the city of Assisi is the huge church of Santa Maria degli Angeli/St. Mary of the Angels. This church was built to enclose and protect the chapel of La Porziuncola, the place St. Francis received his new friars and where he died. This little chapel is a place of pilgrimage because Francis said that Jesus himself grants forgivness to anyone who prayers here with a repentant heart. In August there is a great celebration in Assisi on the 15th, the feast of the Assumption of Mary or in the Orthodox title, The Dormition.
Within the tiny chapel of La Porziuncola beautiful frecos have been painted. I have a print of The Annunciation, it is unsigned but historians guess it was by a priest named Hilarius of Viterbo,1313. I have isolated this portion of the fresco to bring the viewer into the presence of this still and listening Mary.
These are pictures of some of the gel transfers I mounted on wood and then used the strong silkscreen Japanese paper, chiyogami to frame it.
contact me if you would like to purchase this piece.
Madonna from the Annunciation
The woman who bought this sent me this photo
 I like the wall shelf they put it on

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