Friday, 30 August 2013

The end of August

I have painted one Madonna and Child not in a seated position. 
The prototype is from a small book of Coptic icons, I added the cured lines as there is a saying,
                                       "God writes straight with crooked lines".
The end of August in Canada it is a time of endings and beginnings, seasonal, school is restarting, families if they are moving have probably done so by now. And me too, I have moved. Where I have ended up I would never have seen, I was not looking at this part of Ontario but back in early June an interesting apartment rental ad brought me here to look. Although that ad did not work out, I came to Collingwood, on the shores of Georgian Bay, a beautiful place to be. 
 "The future comes out of what is done in the present" I have just lived the truth of this, several trips and viewings of rentals prepared me for the moment when the ad appeared for my current rental  and I knew from afar that this is where I wanted to be.

This painting was an experiment
as I wanted to use this beautiful
yellow paper as my ground.
I attached it to wood and
painted on it. Some of
the fibres started to
break up with the wet paint,
 but it dried beautifully

On the Move
Japanese paper mounted on 1/4" wood
adaptation of Coptic Madonna
6 x 12

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