Saturday, 15 June 2013

Cathechists of the Good Shepherd and the Infancy Narratives

This entry is directed at those who are involved in the work of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd,
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 "Christianity is the spiritual order incarnated in a historical person and in a historical society. It is the function of  Christianity to bring the spiritual order into contact and relation with the world of man. It is, as it were, a bridge between the two worlds; it brings religion down into human life and it opens the door of the spiritual world to us."   Christopher Dawson

As an artist, I 'see' this history and re-present it in a visual language. Like a story book, this set of six cards, can answer the first questions, Who is this Jesus? Where did he live? Where did he come from?

Set of six cards in each pack
Each card has a number giving the sequence and Gospel reference on which it is based.
By randomly placing these images out, even the youngest child can lay them out in the order in which they are told in the Gospels.

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