Friday, 14 June 2013

Oppressive or life giving imagery?

For a long time I have known that the images I re-present at a public Art show are quickly dismissed or worse are a source of anger. Many of us have been disappointed by an institutional church, tradition, and most of the images or message seems cold, limited or harmful. I'm often told, in response to my work, "I don't go to church anymore, I'm scandalized by the cover up of the abuse", or " the priests are so out of touch, going to mass is so painful". I listen.
 But it is not my whole experience with the public in response to my work. I also meet, mostly women, who respond positively to the imagery of the Mother and Child and are comforted. When I listen, I hear that these women have suffered, the loss of a child to cancer, or the betrayal of trust with a partner or in a work situation. Suffering, it is a part of all of our journey's, it was a part of this woman's journey as well.

She who listens
4 x 6
mixed media and acrylic on board

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