Saturday, 8 June 2013

Waking Up

This is the view I have upon waking up, this is my Prayer Table. As I am full time at this work of creating sacred art, I have a changing cast of Madonna's, (I say "Mother's"), Angels and Saints. But one image never leaves this Prayer Table, that is my first egg tempera ICON, it is from the Coptic Tradition.Icons from the Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt date back to the evangelist St. Mark. An even earlier tradition relates to the refuge that Egypt offered the Holy Family, as recorded in the Gospel of St. Matthew.
What attracted me to this ICON was the happiness, literally the cheeks of both the Mother and Child. So I affectionately speak to this Icon as "Cheeks", and then pour out my troubles or the prayer requests that have been entrusted to me.
 I took an eight week silk screening class and I used this prototype. I have these silk screened, and acrylic painted "Madonna and Child with Archangels Michael and Gabriel," looking for a home to bless.

Coptic Madonna and Child w/ Archangels Michael & Gabriel #1
11 x 14
silk screened and acrylic, with Chiyogami boarder on wood

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