Monday, 17 June 2013


This past week I visited with a cousin and a friend, both inviting me into their homes that I had never been in.
My cousin confessed to me that she was not very good about having 'family pictures' as I was searching her walls to see her children and grandchildren. My friend had a whole room dedicated to her ancestors.She has quite a few photos of the maternal line, going back four generations. It was interesting to see the women emerge from the stiff hair and even stiffer black dresses, as the generations advanced. What was a common pose was the seated mother with a child on her lap. This figure of the seated Mother and Child has been my subject for many paintings. Here are some looking for available wall space.
Madonna and Child #3
acrylic on board
stone frame meant for table or shelf
Madonna and Child #1
acrylic on board
framed for table or hanging  

Madonna and Child #2
acrylic on board
framed for table or shelf

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