Friday, 7 June 2013


 My interest in ICONS has been long,
 but my practice of writing/painting them started in 2006.

As I could not continue with egg
acrylic and mixed media on board
tempra on my own, I have been using acrylics and  I have been re-interpreting the Ethiopian tradition. I am also attracted to the 'of the people' style of this distinct school in contrast to the Orthodox Greek and Russian traditions.

I have built up a collection that I have been selling through Studio Tours and Group shows.
In the past, my web presence had only photo cards of my work.
Now, with this Blog, I would like to offer my paintings for your home based sacred space.
Why have a sacred image in your home? Most homes have images of loved ones on their walls.
These image's put you in the presence of that person. A sacred image does the same thing, but it also helps the presence of what is represented come through and go deeper into us.
In this introduction, I would like to simply invite you to a new space and practice in your home by:

  1.  choosing a corner, table top, or a shelf where you can place a statue, picture or painting of a sacred image that has significance. This focal point puts you in the presence of some greater reality.
  2.  bring to this space a candle, matches and a snuffer. When this is prepared, the gesture of lighting a candle by your sacred image becomes a ritual that gives back a peace only understood by doing it.

To inquire about any of the paintings you will see on my blog contact me at:

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  1. I like the quietness of your blog, maybe because I'm fond of black. I think I like black so much because, when it is dark at night, both outside and inside, I tend to become more interior with myself, pondering the day and the mysteries of life and God. - Nancy Jackson