Friday, 21 June 2013

go to the temple/church or not.....

.....but don't forget to go to the source.
 We are so busy, our homes are full of so many symbols in the forms of  brands. For example, just buying the laptop I am working on, became this long debate about which laptop I was going to be seen with, and it consumed so much of my time that at the end of the day I just may have fit in a nod to God.
And my environment is full of sacred images, full of meeting places and even with this prepared environment I struggle to pause and visit the source.

Here I have five or six mixed media paintings to offer over the next few days, all mounted on doors.

The door and the Madonna.............
She was a door, opened for Christ's crossing from all time to our time.
Mother and Child Grotto #1
12 x 17
acrylic gel transfer on wood door
Mother and Child in Orthodox Shrine
17 x 12
acrylic gel transfer on wood door

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