Thursday, 27 June 2013


Yesterday,while on my search for available apartments I was reading the city newspaper and a story caught my attention. It was about a local grade nine student who had won an Ontario wide competition for young entrepreneurs with her idea 'Fundja'. This sent me back to my grade nine proposal to use our local High-school's Home Economics classroom for the summer to teach grade school kids sewing, my friends and I also won and got funding for our idea. I was happy to see that our government was still valuing and supporting the creative visions of youth. Later that same day, while eating lunch two high school students asked if they could share my bench. Soon we were making room for ten friends and I was asking if anymore were expected? 
This got a laugh and I started to chat with the young woman beside me. 
 I find out that I am sitting next to the winner and creator of 'Fundja.' When I told her that I was just reading about her story in the local paper we both paused for a moment of awe. 

I've meet many great souls,they all listened and then trusted, and something great came to be.

14 x 14
molding paste and acrylic

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