Tuesday, 11 June 2013

You've got Mail

Who isn't pleasantly surprised to receive a card in the mail?
I've just mailed out an order for my Photo cards and I would like to add a description of Card #7.
Here is my original painting, a reinterpretation of a 18th century Ethiopian icon.
The original is found in the book, "Ethiopian Icons", by Stanislaw Chojnacki.
It is a B&W photo, very damaged so it is open to alot of interpretation.
Watch over us as we sleep
18 x 18
acrylic on wood
 The figure lying at the bottom represents all of us. I placed us in a white garment, as I believe this is how God sees us, although we may be along way from bearing all this light. We are lying down on a hard stone, because we lay down each night with the weight of the day. I deliberately drew Mary and the Christ child larger than us, larger than our troubles.
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